A short story about our logo

The logo for Townsville Parkour has caused a bit of confusion recently so I thought I’d tell about what each part of it means 🙂
The Parkour Saint is the mascot for Townsville Parkour. Standing in front of the silhouette of Castle Hill, the Parkour Saint is focused of the key sections of parkour – running, jumping, rolling vaulting and climbing.

logo-yin-yang-finalThe Yin-Yang symbol carries with it the part of martial arts that have been brought into parkour, specifically using both sides of the body as effectively as possible throughout movement. You will always have one side better than the other, the aim is to train on both.

The small saint on the left we all know well enough, but the other one is yours truly  🙂

And remember – the world really is your playground! Find and enjoy movement outside and always look for ways of making your training more fun!



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