About Parkour:

Parkour can mean many things to many people;  but at it’s roots Parkour is simply a method of physical training for overcoming obstacles. Based on the early French military obstacle coursing developed by Georges Hebért (1875-1957) and adapted to be used in an urban environment, Parkour has evolved into a worldwide phenomenon.




About Townsville Parkour:

Townsville Parkour‘s aim is to provide quality parkour instruction for a variety of purposes, but always with a focus on improving the quality of your movement.
With a focus on preparing the body properly and initially working on low level and ground techniques, classes are run all over Townsville.
Each training site having a different set of obstacles to work with, to provide a more comprehensive system of movement.

About the Instructors:

Hi I’m John Bourne, and I am the Head Instructor of Townsville Parkour. With a background in various martial arts and climbing, I was very lucky to discover parkour when it was still relatively unknown outside of France. I knew early on that Parkour called to me like nothing else and so I made the move to relocate to Europe to learn Parkour at the source. Having studied under such names as Chris Rowat(Blane), The Vigroux Brothers(direct students of David Belle) and The Yamakasi; I have learned the value of training for longevity and preparing the body properly  for the powerful yet  precise movements that parkour demands. It is one of the reasons I am still able to train at a high capacity after thirteen years of training.

It is through this awareness and training that  I aim to give everyone the chance to develop and discover their own movement in a safe and progressive way.

Visiting Instructors travelling into Townsville are invited to get in touch 🙂


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