Kids Classes

Kids classes work to bring out the instinctive movement that each child has; but with a controlled focus on adapting and being able to flow through an environment. Balancing, vaulting, climbing and rolling are just some of the ways kids can be taught to move; always adapting to the obstacle ahead, with a mindset of landing softly and preserving the body.

A typical class is one and a half hours long, roughly comprised of three parts

  • Warm up and body conditioning
  • Technical movement and movement problem solving
  • Warm down and stretching

Everyone in the classes are encouraged to move within their own limits and the non competitive atmosphere allows everyone to enjoy parkour safely. Classes are best for ages from 8-16/17 , however younger students are welcome with parental supervision.

Private sessions are also available for four or more participants on request.

Workshops can be also arranged for school and sporting groups. Get in touch and we can arrange a program for you which will augment existing movement training.